Monday, September 29, 2008


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The friendship that can cease has never been real.
Saint Jerome (374 AD - 419 AD)

Well, my best friend in the whole world is coming to town tomorrow. She lives across the country from me and I haven’t seen her in almost four years. This unbelievably exciting opportunity has given me a new lease on life in ways I wasn’t expecting. It’s as is I am coming back to myself. I grew up with Kristen and her influence has greatly affected the way I think and act. I sometimes think about what I would be like if I had never met her.

I would not have such a passion for writing, because our love of it grew with each other.

I would not have my spirituality, for we discovered it together.

I would not have my love of nature, for we first really explored it together.

Friendship is a gift, and yes, I do know how cliche that sounds. However, it’s true and when you have a really good friend, a true friend, you can’t let anything get in the way of it. At the end of my freshman year my mom and stepdad got divorced and my mom and my brothers and I were moving back to Idaho from New Jersey to be closer to family. I was devastated to be moving away from Kristen. But here I am, three years later, trying to figure out where she will sleep when she visits.

True friends never stop being your friends. I know how difficult it can be to maintain friendships when you have depression or another disorder, but just remember that they are still there. They haven’t gone anywhere. And they know exactly what kind of ice cream you want to go with your favorite romantic comedy.

Goodnight everyone. Sleep well and have a great tomorrow.

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