Thursday, March 26, 2009

Year and a Day: Day Five

I thought this would be a good time to remind my readers that all opinions expressed in this blog are mine alone and may or not apply to the Wiccan community or tradition in the general sense.

What is Magic?

Magic is often misunderstood. Let me begin by saying some things that, really, should not need saying, but unfortunately they do. No, witches cannot fly. No, witches cannot control the weather. And No, if you read it in harry potter or saw it in a movie, we probably can't do that.

Magic is not a way to get things easily. It is simply a way of tipping the scales in your favor. When one works magic, they are pouring great amounts of energy (I'll talk about energy raising in this context in more depth in a  later post) into a goal that they hope to achieve.

For example. Say you are working a spell in the hopes of gaining more financial security. You cannot simply mix some herbs together, say some words, and expect a pile of money to materialize in your mailbox the next day. When you work a spell you visualize what you want, in this example you may focus your concentration on a mental image of a version of yourself who does not stress about money and is happy with what s/he has. When you mix herbs or light candles or whatever it is that the spell calls for, you are focusing solely on that goal.

By casting a spell, it sets off a trigger in your mind. It can be likened to writing down a goal. Once you have performed the spell your goal is concrete. You have essentially announced to the Gods that "This is what I need." It is still up to you to make things happen. The energy that you set into the spell now will not go away. Until you accomplish the goal of the spell, that energy will be at the forefront of your consciousness and inspire you to keep working at it.

This is a very simplified definition. There are many different parts and sections to spell casting that deserve their own post. Expect them in the future.


(I am beginning to think that I should tackle these hard-to-answer questions in smaller chunks. I feel like my posts so far have been rambling and poor examples of my writing capabilities. I apologize. I think things will get better)

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  1. We can't control the weather? Dammit! I coulda sworn ... ;-)

    Good explanations, here. You're doing great!