Sunday, January 3, 2010

Holidays. I like them.

Hey guys, sorry I didn't post at all during the holidays. I just didn't think to. Dalin, the cats, and I had a really good solstice/christmas this year. We even had a tree! Here's Dalin putting the finishing touches on it. we had a hell of a time putting the tree together because Max was hell bent on climbing the thing and knocking all the branches out. She'd slither up there with ninja-like accuracy and speed and attach herself to the trunk so we couldn't pull her out. After a few days of that we had to resort to the water bottle. =( She learned fast though.


Having a tree was really exciting because it was our first year together with a tree of our own. It cost like 20 bucks at rite-aid and is a wee bit sparse, but it dressed up nice. I just love the soft glow of white lights on a christmas tree.

DSCF0001 (This is max playing under my mom-in-law's tree. Not much to say about this picture, but I adore it. I think her expression here really captures her troublemaker demeanor. Haha)


I got to relive a childhood memory this year as well. Hulu was hosting Nutcracker: The Motion Picture. I remember that we used to have this particular version of The Nutcracker on tape, and I'd sit on the floor and watch it. I distinctly remember having my mom rewind the Arabian Dance part (In this version, the Arabian dance is a beautiful peacock lady that gets carried out in a fancy cage.) over and over again because I loved it so much. It's still my favorite part. Also, I've seen a few different versions of The Nutcracker, mostly on youtube, but no other version has as good of a Drosselmeyer as this one. He's perfectly creepy and awesome and I just totally dig him. Here's the Link to the movie, I highly highly recommend it, even though it's not christmas anymore. The nutcracker isn't strictly a christmas story anyway. At least save it for next year.


New Years this year was pretty good as well. I did have a panic attack, unfortunately, but it didn't set in until well past midnight so I got to enjoy the celebration anyway. My resolutions are to try and keep the apartment cleaner, instead of letting it get super messy then spending a whole day cleaning it up again (Yeah, I haven't started on this resolution yet. The house has to GET clean before it can STAY clean, unfortunately...), to make more homecooked meals, both so that I can get better at cooking and also to save money on eating out. I also obviously resolve to stay smoke-free. It's already been a while since I quitted again and I'm pretty much past the hard part.


In crafty related news, I still haven't finished that second yellow sock. You remember, the one I said only take another day or so to finish? I've been faithfully carrying it around in my purse with the best intentions of working on it in spare moments. Honestly, I just forget about it. I have been crocheting a bit though. I made a couple cute headbands, wanna see?





The first one was made according to pattern directions from ravelry. The second one followed the basic headband directions from the first, but I used a different flower pattern that came from a crochet motif book I have.


Pretty cute, right? I like them.


Anyway, talk to you call later.


Oh, and also, I had been texting my friend Billy as I wrote this, and he said to mention that he is awesome and likes Charlie the Unicorn.

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