Tuesday, September 30, 2008

In Which Alek Reinvents Herself

((I return to my blog in shame…Sorry it’s been so long. I was playing around with other blog host options, only to find that wordpress.com is the best thing out there. I changed my theme, like it?))

Today I walked to work, as I do when D can’t give me a ride. I was absolutely aware of the fact that I was exhausted and didn’t want to work and that it was much too hot for 11 in the morning. I fought every step.

There is a family that lives down the street from me. They have roughly 6 picnic tables, a trampoline, and an inflatable pool proudly displayed in their front yard. On the fourth of July I saw a common sight, there were at least 30 people there. Every seat was taken up, the barbeque was giving off the heavenly scent of briquette smoke, there was a game of volley ball going on, there were children on the trampoline and running around the yard and everyone was happy. Some people might find the 6 picnic tables in their yard to be a strange thing, until you live here for a while, long enough to witness one of their frequent parties. I wish I was a part of that huge family.

Back to walking to work…I pass by this house on the way and there is one man sitting among the joyful rubble of that barbeque. I have never talked to him before. Ever. Never even noticed him. He yells across the yard to me “How are you?” Good. “Perfect weather today!” You are right.
And, as you might have guessed, I felt much better after this short interaction. I decided to live with the day, not fight against it. I dedicated the day to The Gods and kept walking.

I have never been so lucky as to experience the famous “cosmic two-by-four” but today I think I got close, because this theme came up again in the same day (Which is a big deal for me, I rarely think of the same thing twice in the space of a day.)

I was out getting carts and a woman came across the parking lot carrying a small rolling suitcase. She came up to me and said she had a question for me. She asked me if I thought they would let her keep her case in the customer service booth while she shopped. She explained that she had gotten a DUI and had to walk, inside the case was a backpack, so that she could take her groceries home. She said they could check her case so we knew she didn’t have a bomb or anything. I said it would probably be just fine. She smiled as she walked away and said over her shoulders: “Walking makes me feel great.” with a big, unabashed smile.

There was a woman who was found happiness in her misfortune. Like me on my walk to work.
I have recently been trying to get more in touch with The Gods. I started doing a one card draw of my Faery Oracle to facilitate a meditation to think on throughout the day. I never really get it until later. today I drew Lys of the Shadows. Guess what her message is? Find peace in misfortune.

Yeah. I thought so too.

Life sucks sometimes. Life sucks a lot of the time. But there is beauty, not only in the flowers and the wind, but also in the ugly things.

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