Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Still Not Feeling So Hot

As you can see I changed my template and colors again. I wanted to go for something Autumn-y. I like it for now but if you know anything about me and my blogs, I like to change how they look a lot.

Today I have to go to work and I still feel like my blood turned into yogurt and my head is housing an angry mob equipped with large hammers. I slept pretty well last night but not very long. I got to bed late because I was busy cleaning up and moving my blog over here. I woke up at ten (which is pretty early for me) and had some tea and a coffee cake. The tea was a new kind i bought from Celestial Seasonings it's called Morning Thunder. It has a picture of a buffalo on the package and it contains extra caffine. I like it because it is lighter than coffee and it's faster to make a cup of tea in the microwave than percolate a whole pot of coffee (And since Gamer doesn't drink coffee, it never gets finished by the end of the day.)

Tomorrow marks the first of October. Also known as NaNoWriMoPlaMo (National Novel Writing Month Planning Month) I made that up, it's a pretty awesome mouthful. I have written down a writing prompt for each day, some of them are to describe a character's childhood or their daily routines and so forth. By the time November comes a long I will already have a good relationship with my characters and be able to write them better. I am going to aim for at least a thousands words per prompt to get me in the flow of writing a lot. And having an exercise for each day of a whole month gives me time to find out what writing routines work best for me. I already know that I like writing in the morning, but I hardly ever wake up in time for the fresh morning light. So I might try changing my sleeping habits to accomodate writing in the morning, or just try out writing late at night or in the middle of the day. I also know that I do my best writing in my office, but I'll try going to different coffee shops and other such venues to see where I am most productive.

It's so much fun to plan out the writing process. Let's just hope that the actual act of getting words onto the screen is equally enjoyable.

I can't urge you enough to go to nanowrimo.org and sign up. It's a lot of fun. You get an excuse to go a little crazy for a month ("I'm a novelist, I am SUPPOSED to be weird.") and there is a great community of people on the website doing the same thing.

Anyway, I hope everyone has an awesome day. Get your Vitamin C, you don't want to end up like me!

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