Saturday, October 4, 2008

Jacobean pomegranate

Today, wow. D has a ten hour shift (!) and I have the day off. I have been sitting in my corner of the couch all day, except during the big thunderstorm,  when I wrapped myself in my blankets and sat on the balcony. I haven't written anything yet today, I had every intention to, but I got caught up ion my embroidery project for my mom. I got a lot done, but i'm always surprised how long needlework takes! The pattern is one I copied (not traced, as I don't have a printer =[  ) from a picture online of a jacobean pomegranate. Here is a picture of my progress so far. Sorry about the shoddy wuality, I used my phone.

Mom, if you want it to be a surprise don't click on the link!

My satin stitch needs work but hey, I am still a beginner, and it is, in my opinion, the prettiest stitch for embroidery, so I will be getting lots of practice.

In other news, I am still sick but I have my energy back and the congestion is going away. I still have the annoying headache though. I am jealous that D got over it so quick. He has an iron immune system, in fact this was the only time I had every seen him sick. I'm glad he is better, but still. 

I have no idea what time I work tomorrow...

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