Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I had two whole days off of work an I didn't even clean the house. Ugh. The weather is already getting to me, I just sleep and sleep and never want to do anything. I think I need to start drinking coffee again. They say it's an anti-depressant. We'll see.

So, I feel like I am just updating out of guilt. I don't actually have anything to blog about really. I'm still getting over the cold (still!) I can breathe now but my cough sounds pretty gnarly. 

It's pretty damn cold out today. I wish winter didn't have to come at all. I would like Fall a lot better if winter wasn't always looming behind it. Not long ago this was my favorite season. It made me want to wear long skirts and bell-sleeved tops and collect pretty leaves. Fall in Idaho isn't terribly impressive though. The trees pretty much skip the whole pretty colors thing. Just one day you wake up and realize all the trees are dead. Maybe one day I will move back east. Fall in New Jersey is unlike anything I have ever seen. 

I would post an update on my embroidery project, but my process is miserable. I started on the top leaf but I'm not sure about the color. I might tear it all out, but for now I am just going to keep stitching and hope it grows on me.

I would also post an update about my writing, but process there is miserable as well. I am always "getting around" to sitting down at my desk, but so far it hasn't happened. There isn't a color dilemma to excuse my writing though. I just can't seem to focus on anything right now.  My poor office hasn't even been aired for several days. I have grown roots into the couch. This same damn couch. 

All that being said, I don't have anything to blog about.


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