Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Little survey thing

I love these things. They are fun to fill out. Do it yourself and add it to your blog!

List Ten Things You Love About Yourself
1. I have big, round eyes.
2. I am a pretty kickass writer
3. I am petite and have a cute figure.
4. I have good table manners.
5. I can hold my own in intellectual conversations.
6. I am a good singer
7. And I can dance.
8. I am a good communicator.
9. I have a cute scar on my thumb.
10. And one on the tip of my nose.

List Ten Things You Hate About Yourself.
1. My nose is a bit on the big size.
2. My boobs are uneven.
3. Short. Eyelashes.
4. I tend to stutter when I get angry.
5. I am really uncomfortable with outward displays of emotion.
6. I am a procrastinator.
7. I feel like people should take care of me.
8. I can't write songs.
9. I have childlike fears.
10. I am overly sensitive to what other people think of me.

Now. Which one was easier to fill out?

Negatives. Obviously.

Telling, no?

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