Sunday, October 19, 2008


Man oh man. Major drama ensues. 

I got fired.

Ok, major drama, but a short fact. Yeah, they got tired of my missing work on account of panic attacks, so they fired me. I learned from some online friends that what they did is actually illegal, since I have a medical diagnosis, but I really didn't like working there anyway, so I'm not going to make it a big deal. I already sent in an application to payless shoesource. It felt like the lady there really liked me, and I am going back today to check on my application. 

It would be pretty awesome to work at payless. It is a lot smaller and less hectic than Albertsons so I doubt I would have any panic related problems there. Plus I live only a hop skip and a jump away from there, so I wouldn't have to be that annoying girl that calls you all the time asking for a ride to work. 

I feel good about it. 

Oh! I re-discovered my old account at A bunch of my old half-finished storied were still saved there. I was such a loser. haha. Daniel Radcliffe fanfic. Oh yes. Fictionpress is really an awesome website though. It's easy to navigate and the interfece is really simple. It doesn't have some cutesy mascot or anything like that. Just straigtforward document hosting, commenting, and communities. 

Oh yeah! (Sorry, this is such a scatterbrained post. Maybe if I posted every day I would have more deep meaningful posts. Nowadays I just feel like I have to update everyone on the boring stuff in my life..) I bought a webcam. I am playing with the idea of a podcast, but ugh, I have a speech impediment. I stutter and trip all over myself. We'll see. 

Getting pretty close to Nanowrimo now...Pushing Up Lilies is done with the planning stage. I'm all set to go!

Anyway, love you!

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  1. I don't know ... working at a shoe store could be dangerous for my shoe-aholic daughter :-* Love you sweetie, and it's all going to work out just how it needs to. Breathe in and out and know I love you.