Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Will Work For Purses.

I bought a super cute coffee table at the thrift store for 6 bucks yeaterday. It is plastic but it looks like wood and you can only tell if you knock on it. Heh...  It's the perfect size and color though. I dig it. At the thrift store they had an awesome reproduction of "Tournee Du Chat Noir." I wanted it so bad but can't afford it this week. I am counting on the lack of taste of the inhabitants of this town so that it will still be there Friday. I need that painting. I need it.

Tomorrow is inspection day from El Landlordio. That means Salem keeps to spend a day with Jan and I get to clean like a madwoman. He better notice the cute coffee table and leave a nice note accordingly. Expectations are low on that front.

In crafty news, as some of you may know I am a bit of a purse whore. Not in the way that I compulsively buy purses, but in the way that when I have been carrying the same purse for too long (Two weeks is my max) I grow aggrivated. I have been wanting a cool structured purse, but after trolling the stors around here, I decided that I simply can't afford to put down 40 bucks for a cute purse. So I resolved to make one. Picture below.

I am using needlework canvas for the frame, covering it with *Adorable* fabric I picked up from JoAnnes, and adding a cute embroidery to the front (The wing of the bird is appliqued with the pretty fabric. How freaking creative am I?) Handles will be store bought. Estimated total cost will be around 8 dollars. Estimated total happiness is 1000000%.

Writing progresses slowly. I am disciplining myself to writing 2000 words a day in preperation for November. Check out the link to the Right for South Of Seattle to revel in my ineffectuality and love of typos.


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