Saturday, November 8, 2008

NaNoWriMo Update Numero Tres

TITLE:Pushing Lilies

SYNOPSIS: Cecilia Matheson falls in love with a Mr. Laurence Rochester, only to find out that he is not who he seems. (Lame, I know. I will write a better one later)

TOTAL WORD COUNT: 17306/50000 (as of midnight november 8th. I plan to write more, I took an accidental nap and so I am not at all tired..)

DAILY QUOTA OF 1667 WORDS: surpassed (erm...for the 7th..which is yesterday...but barely.)

MUSINGS SO FAR: I had no intention of the best friend maid named Chelsea. funny how these things happen. I like Chelsea though. I wish she was MY friend. Ha.

It is officially week two of NaNo. It is known as "Hell Week." This is the week where most people quit. Pas Moi! I will prevail. Especially since Laurie has been introduced, considering his appearance is loosely based on James McAvoy. Yum. I could write about him for hours.

He met cecilia at a bookshop who's description was totally pilfered from Twice Told Tales in downtown Nampa.

God, I love that place. If I had money, I would totally spend it there.

Sorry about the lack of non-nano blogs. In real life I am still unemployed, still generally unhappy, but feeling like a "real writer"makes my heart happy. So I am doing better than I might have been otherwise.

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