Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Year and a Day: Day Three

Ok dudes, Alek is tired today. I should have written this earlier when Makayden was napping, but I conked out only minutes after her so...

So, who are The God and Goddess?

In my last post I touched on the fact that Wicca is simple. For me, it's all about logic. I am just not the kind of person who can fool myself. If it doesn't make sense, I can't believe it. It is as simple as that. And that's why I simply cannot accept the idea of a single male god who created life.

Even in a lab, it takes both male and female to create life. It's as easy as that.

Do I think that there is a Man and a Woman literally floating around out there? No. Not literally. The God and Goddess are not apart from the universe. They are not watching us from a cloud way off in the distance. They didn't just create life, they ARE life. We aren't just Sons and Daughters of the God and Goddess, we ARE the God and Goddess.

Us Wiccans, we are tree hugging dirt worshipers for a reason. We know that there is no "outside." We know that everything is sacred, not just temples or the words of a select few. There is just no reason to believe otherwise. It it not enough to look around and see that life is beautiful? Why are so many people so jaded that they have to believe that they are just not trying hard enough and that if they pray more, sacrifice more, and prostrate themselves more that they can become privvy to true divinity? What kind of society favors streets paved with gold that they will never see to stretches of rain-scented wilderness that they need only open their eyes to see?

Life is perfect because of it's balance between male and female, creation and destruction, yin and yang. it's only when you label one as evil, and the other as holy, that nature is disrupted. Once you can look at the flame of a candle and be in awe of it's gentleness and light, and also accept that that same flame that gives you light would just as soon kill you, you can finally let go of your dependence on the 'other,' whether the 'other' is a god  that can magically descend upon the fire and make it stop burning (I tell you now with absolute certainty that we are no less than gods. The god's live and abide within the laws of nature, and so do we, because they ARE nature, as are we.) or a heaven where everyone sits around in their self-righteousness and nothing happens.

I think I am digressing. I'll try to wrap this up.

Male energy is the kind that lights a fire under our ass and get's us moving. It is the energy that craves motion and action. Female energy is the kind that sits us down and lets us dream. It is the energy that craves understanding and peace. Male without female is cancer. Female without male is stagnation. The God and Goddess are representations of these two energies. Metaphors, if you will. And they are no less holy for that.

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  1. Your closing paragraph wraps it all up beautifully.