Monday, March 23, 2009

Year and a Day: Day Two

I was thinking that I would wait until Dalin went to sleep to write today, it is so nice and quiet late at night, but damn it all if that boy wont stay up 'til one playing Halo.

I think Wicca is a lot of things to a lot of people. I suppose that is the problem with a religion that isn't focused on dogma. everyone seems to come into it the same way: a library book about spells tucked between your mattresses, a cinnamon candle swiped from the christmas decorations and such. We all learned about the supposed ancient history of The Craft, we all copied rituals from the internet and tried to make our friends call us Starchild, but once one settles into Wicca as a religion, it shifts, and it shifts differently for everyone. That said, don't go quoting me on this, I am not a High Priestess of Mystical Muckymuck or anything like that. I'm just a Wiccan.

Anyway. Welcome to square one.

If there isn't a heaven...why not be selfish, mean, and greedy?

To my knowledge, Wicca is simple. If you consolidate all of the books and all of the chants and everything else you are left with one simple statement. Be Nice. I don't believe in Heaven or Nirvana or even Reincarnation (I huddle behind the couch as I say that last bit about Reincarnation. Wicca 101 will tell you I should believe in that. But....not so much) The truth is that no matter how hard we try, we will never, never, know what happens once we die. Personally, I think our Spirit breaks down and dissolves into the earth in the same way our bodies do when we die. But that's just me. So, even though I don't believe that I will be rewarded a bunch of virgins in the afterlife if I am good, or be a demon's bitch if I am bad, I do know that there is a set amount of energy in this world (I learned that in physics.) Scientifically, energy cannot be created or destroyed. The energy you use to push a chair is the same energy that made a little speck explode to form the universe. Energy can only be transformed.

Spiritually, it is the same deal. Every time you make the effort to turn bad energy into good energy, whether that means making a nice dinner for your loved ones when they had a tough day or smiling at someone who might not deserve it, it makes a difference.

I think it might help to think about life energy as a web, tiny little strands that connect you to everything that ever breathed, photosynthesized, or fucked. If you can tug even one little strand in the direction of harmony, it shifts the whole thing, even if only a little. Isn't that worth it to you? It's probably worth it to the people you touch.


Tomorrow I talk about Gods.


Starchild out.

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  1. Have you read "Divine Magic" by Doreen Virtue? It's a basic overview of some hermetic principles. It's a small book, but big thoughts (and not her usual fluffy writing style, either). I think you'd enjoy it.