Monday, April 13, 2009

Free cross stitch charts

Hello, my name is Alek and I am addicted to hoarding patterns. Knitting patterns, crochet patterns, embroidery patterns, but currently competing with my music for space on the laptop is cross stitch patterns.

The internet is my enabler.

and now I am yours.


Grab a cuppa and sit back. There are some real gems out there for zero dollars and zero cents. This (admittedly crazy looking) lady takes photos and chart-ifies them for cross stitchers. I love the flowers. These are a little more advanced then your typical free online chart collection, but anyone can do any cross stitch. Seriously. Just one stitch at a time. I love her dragons! These ones are easier and suitable for beginners. I am currently working on the pansy. i am on a pansy kick recently. This site is a freaking goldmine. I doubt you wont be able to find what you want here.


One last FYI for this post, cross stitch is definitely the least expensive hobby I have. Skeins of floss are usually less than a dollar each (And bags of them have a way of ending up at thrift stores) and hoops, fabric, and needles are pretty fairly priced as well.

Plus it takes a bit of time to finish a project so you will get a lot of stitching time for not much money.


However, really fantastic kits exist out there that can be a bit on the steep side, but trust me, if you finish one of these babies they will be in your family FOREVER.

exhibit a: These guys are famous for their super intricate charts. Prepare to be in freaking AWE.

exhibit b: these may possibly be the most beautiful, romantic kits available. The portraits of women/ fairies/ mermaids blow my mind. I'd kill to get my hands on crystal symphony (#94) *hint nudge*

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