Friday, April 17, 2009

YAAD: Day 28 (Seriously? It's been that long?)

I am the worst blogger ever. So much for keeping you all updated on my training! Ugh.

The next chapter in The Spiral Dance is called 'The World View of Witchcraft' It dealt mostly with psychology, specifically right and left brain functions.

I always get a little tongue-tied when people ask if I am a left or right brain person. The left brain people are analytical and typically very organized. Right brain people are usually artistic and 'spacey.' I am both, which is, I guess, a good thing. I am an artsy type, but I crave structure and organization. For example, I love the idea of a writer holed up in an office littered with crumpled papers, haphazardly stacked books, and cups of cold coffee. I think it is totally romantic. But in all reality, I'd probably go nuts in a working environment like that. I love checklists and planners and calendars and room to pace the floor without navigating the clutter.

Starhawk says that, most likely, it is the right brain that receives messaged from Spirit, through images and sensations, then it is the left brain that analyzes said messages and interprets them. In that sense I am lucky, since both sides of my brain are on pretty much equal footing, the communication between them should be pretty solid.

It makes me think though, about people who are purely right-minded. Take for example those psychopaths who think that they are god and go on homicidal rampages. Perhaps the problem is that their left brain isn't strong enough to interpret the messages of the right side. For example, say he receives an inspiration saying "You have the power to make you own choices." But his left brain gets "You can do as you damn well please, to hell with anyone else." Have you ever heard of a psychopath who used a blackberry?


The next chapter was about covens. It made me sad. I want to have some super tight wiccan friends. It's a lonely path, especially for people who were raised going to church. The only wiccan community I am a part of is the online one (Specifically this site wonderful people, too much information to absorb in a lifetime.) which is wonderful really, but still...

In non-starhawk news, Dalin drew a daily oracle card today for the first time. I was so surprised and happy when he came into the living room with a card and a confused expression and asked "What's this mean?"

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