Friday, September 11, 2009

Photo Dump. Yay!

I've been gone a long time? Why? Because it's the end of Summer and I'm feeling depressed. I'll post a general update some other time. For today...You get a photo dump. A photo dump is where I dump all the pictures i've taken recently onto the blog, with brief descriptions. It will give you an idea of what i've been up to without the hassle of actually writing about it. Yay.

DSCF0005 Showing off my new lipstick. =]

DSCF0010 Screenshot of my upstairs in Animal Crossing. Someone online wanted to see it. Pretty cute right?

Knitting by the Boise River.

Wee little snake I saw  by the river.

Close up of aforementioned sock. And intense Harry Potter quote. (I'm participating in a HP themed contest on

Lace crocheted scarf. I have pics of the finished product, but they were taken at night and don't capture the colors as well as this one.

Socks from previous post, in finished form. They are ridiculously comfy.



That's all I've got folks.

1 comment:

  1. Love your socks. Wish I could knit.
    Very cool photos, thank you for sharing. ;)