Sunday, December 6, 2009

Woah! It's been a while!

Hey guys! It's been a long time since I have written in my blog. Sorry =(


Let's see, in my last entry I was whining about being stressed about the wedding. Well, the wedding went fine. I had a pretty intense panic attack the night before, but I got through it well enough. It was so great to see my family and friends again. My dress was absolutely beautiful! It's hanging in my room right now because I can't bear to hide it in a closet.


Since my last post, lots has happened. For one, Dalin and I got a wee little addition to our family. Her name is Maxine and she is a Tabbyco kitten (Tabbyco is the term for a half tabby/ half calico cat)


Isn't she precious? She's a little insane, but we love her. She loves to climb into the sleeves of my robe (While i'm wearing it..) and sleep there.


Also, Nanowrimo happened. I got really far in my story and word count but got totally thrown off by Thanksgiving, when Dalin and I went to Rexburg to be with his family. So no, I didn't win NaNoWriMo this year. Sad times, my friends. But I haven't given up on my story yet. Hopefully it should be done before NaNo next year. Haha


I've been knitting a lot too. Remember those intricate cabled socks I was making for Dalin?

DSCF0025 They are finished! Those are my feet in the picture which is why the socks look kind of big. They fit Dalin perfectly. He can't have them until Christmas though. Bwahahaha. I'm so glad I'm so glad I'm done with those socks. They were the first ever non-plain socks I'd ever knit and, though it was a good learning experience and my confidence in knitting really fancy socks was boosted tremendously by them, it just took FOREVER to finish them.


So, after I finished those, I decided that I wanted to knit some plain vanilla socks for myself that would be finished in no time.

DSCF0029 I finished one of them already. Which means it took me just under two days to knit a whole sock. For comparison's sake, one of Dalin's socks took about a month to knit. Oh instant gratification, I love you so. These are being knit in KnitPicks Palatte yarn in the color called Semolina. I love KnitPicks yarn, it's so cheap and lovely.


Anyway, It's now suddenly December so I'm thinking a lot about the holidays. I think D and I will be celebrating Yule this year on the 21st again because I seem to have an adverse reaction to Christmas. I've been sick on Christmas for the past 6 years or something. We saw part of the Parade of Lights in downtown Caldwell last night. we found out about it last minute and only stayed for about half of it because I had forgotten my scarf and mittens and it was just too damn cold. What we saw of the parade was nice though.


Also, I found on Hulu the Nutcracker movie that I used to have on tape when I was little. Dalin and I are going to watch it together on Thursday. He's never seen it. I have such happy memories of this movie so I am really excited.


Other than that....I'll try to update more often. Poor blog. I love you, I really do, it's just so easy to forget about you.

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