Saturday, January 17, 2009

Let me tell you a story or two.

Story Numero Uno: Yesterday, upon coming home, Dalin found a note taped to our front door from our new, idiotic, landlady. Why is she idiotic? Well, for several reasons actually (I try not to judge too quickly, I guess.) First of all, this this is rather unrelated to the original story, she was supposed to come and re-key all the apartments but no one ever came, we waited for three days keeping the house spotless and smelling yummy for when she came, but nope. Nothing. Nadda.


The second reason she is idiotic and annoying, which is directly related to the original story, is that we found a note yesterday saying that we haven't paid our rent (Which we did. I personally took the check to the office, in fact) and we will be basically kicked out on the street in three days. This is moronic. First of all, she said we owe 224 dollars. Our rent is 500 dollars, why on gods green earth would we pay only half our rent? Who does that? Secondly, she taped it to our door on Friday, then said we had until Monday to either pay up or move into the YMCA. That's great. The office is closed for the weekend. So she tells us we have to come up with two hundred dollars in three days, and then runs and hides?


Luckily, Dalin and I still have the proof that we did pay, so she is obviously so stupid that she entered it into the computer wrong. So no, we don't need a place to stay, we are fine. We are going to talk to her when she gets back. And, actually, this is the hilarious part. Dalin called his mom in a semi-panic, and she immediately looked up this lady both in the county files (She works at the courthouse) and in the phone book, and called her up and gave her some sharp words. It was pretty awesome. Jan is kind of a badass when she is mad. For a mormon anyway.


The second story is probably a lot less interesting to all of you, but it's exciting to me. I recently picked up crochet a little and last night I finished my first real crocheted item, a simple drop stick scarf that is two skeins long (Read: Really long) It was lots of fun to crochet and went pretty fast. I am still not totally sold on crochet, but it was nice to work on something else.


After I finished the crochet scarf I was emboldened and decided to take that momentum and cast on for socks right away. Those who happen to follow my knitting know that I have a sock curse. I can't seem to wrap my mind around the heel turning thing. HOWEVER now I am knitting a plain sock custom fitted for Dalin in a yarn that i am totally enamored with. It's called Wick from Knit one crochet Too, it's a blend of soy and polypropylene. Knitting with it is truly a luxurious experience, It is so soft and strong and...ahh...I just love it.


So far I am about halfway done with the first sock, I just turned the heel and am still decreasing the gusset stitches. So far no mistakes!! It is looking a little small though, even though I did my calculations very carefully. If it doesn't fit Dalin I will just keep them for myself and try again for him.


Anyway, I love you all.

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  1. I hope everything has been straightened out by now. Mozart can't wait to see you - we'll work out your trip tonight.


    P.S. LOVE LOVE LOVE your new blog-look