Sunday, February 1, 2009

Another boring update post. Apologies.

I am currently in the throes of a panic attack. Funny how these things happen so randomly. Right now I am just typing as fast as i can to distract myself from the tumult within. Mom says writing is good for me, and I know it's true, and it's all I can think of to do right now.

So  lets talk about what has happened since my last post. I doubt that the following stories will be in chronological order, I am not trying that hard. Sorry.

It turns out that the mistake about the rent was the fault of the mysterious folk at corporate who apparently did not hire a good typist. All that pain and stress caused by a fucking typo. Seriously. Ugh. It's all sorted now though.

I finished those socks I talked about too, they were too small for Dalin so I wear them. I am now hoarding sock yarn like some kind of crazy meth addict. Those who follow me on facebook know that I designed my own lace sock pattern called Oh! Happy Day!, knit in knitpicks 100% wool sock yarn in the colorway Semolina. On the internet it seemed to be a much brighter yellow than it is in real life, but that's the risk you take I guess. Besides the slight dullness I really do approve of knitpicks yarn. Minus shipping, a skein of knitpicks wool is cheaper than red heart acrylic. Wool wins.

Dalin got me a (very) late christmas gift, a nintendo DS! It is so much fun. I have three games already, first I got Spore Creatures which was really fun and had cute graphics and it was the first action/adventure video game I have ever won, then I got Harvest Moon, which is a really cute game too. In it you play a farmer on a deserted island with only a few other people and as the years pass the island prospers. I am not very far in that game though because Dalin loves it as much as I do and he has been hogging it recently. Most recently I bought Hello Kitty Big City Dreams. Sounds silly, I know, but I love HK. Tons of mini games with the simple overarching goal of trying to get enough points to upgrade to the swanky penthouse. It keeps me occupied and I cant get enough of the cuteness of the graphics.

You all should remind me to post more often, then my posts wouldn't be so long and boring. Haha. Sorry. It just feels good to record the boring stuff.

Oh! I hope you  like the new layout. I wanted a more carefree kind of feel. I am digging it. I particularly like the UFO in the header. lol

Writing has helped me. I am feeling a bit more relaxed now.


I love you!


  1. How are you doing today? Happy Groundhog Day! I think you should write a post every single day ;-)

    I love you! Can't wait to see you; I'm counting the days.

    (is gizat really a word? it's my word verification to submit this post and I don't think it means anything)

  2. I dont think Gizat is a

  3. yeah, I looked it up and couldn't find it so it isn't a word. Let's make up a definition and use it anyway, k?