Monday, January 10, 2011

I forgot how to knit!


“Just relax, listen to the sound of ma voice. You R feeling an intense need to give tha puppy some head scratches and unlimited peanuts from the pantry…” –Roxie the puppy

Hey guys. There’s a lot going on in my head the past couple days. I’ve caught the housekeeping bug again! I think I’ve brought up here before how I tend to go in cycles, one of my phases that I cycle through is the “domestic phase.” I like to call it Nesting. In the past few days I have organized and decluttered numerous little nooks of random messiness that seem to multiply in my home. I’ve learned how to bake bread, it’s just the simplest recipe, but I now think I have a basic understanding how How Bread Happens. I want to bake my own bread all the time now!. Yesterday I cooked a turkey for the first time. Nothin’ fancy, just roasted it with some seasoning salt and put most of it in the fridge for turkey sandwiches and such. Right now I’m making broth from the bones and stuff. I think I’ll make soup this week!

But anyway, the thing I really wanted to blog about today is my socks! This is my first project of the year from my pile of unfinished craft projects. I knit the first of these socks…oh, I think it was last summer. It’s hard to remember. I really liked knitting it, it’s weird how things just don’t get finished even if one has fun doing it, but I guess it happens. The yarn is gorgeous and multicolored and smooshy and soft and shiny, I love it a lot. The colorway is mostly dark jewel tones, purple, blue and green, but my FAVORITE color in the yarn is the yellow. Every so often I’ll be knitting along and all of a sudden this gorgeous sunshine color will come up in the yarn. It’s always a surprise. It’s nice to get a break from the more intense dark colors every once in a while.


This is the gusset if the first (finished) sock. It looks impressive, right?

The pattern is called Spring Forward from It’s a pretty simple lace pattern, I memorized it after only a couple repeats. BUT it *looks* complicated. Which is what we are aiming for here. :3

I guess I should confess though, that I have majorly messed up somehow. I have a feeling that his will happen a lot this year as I pick up old projects because what happened was this: I picked up the half-finished sock and couldn’t tell exactly where I had left off before. Now, I know how to knit a sock (or so I thought) so I went ahead anyway and started knitting thinking that, as long as it looked like the other sock that it would match.


It looks so pretty and innocent, but don’t let this picture fool you. Something is afoot. Haha….ha

It does not match. Somewhere along the way I have forgotten how to knit a sock.

I’m not quite sure where I went wrong first, so I don’t yet now the best way to go back and fix it. As of right now, this lovely sock you see on the needles there before you is hidden in my purse, so as not to upset my temper (I don’t actually have a temper, that was a joke.) Today I plan to have a nice long sit-down with it and get down to the bottom of the problem here.

I’ll let you know when I figure it out.



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